News Page Updates and Series of Articles

This past year has been an extremely busy one for me, especially in respect my time spent at The Magic Circle, where I have now been appointed as the Examinations Secretary, which means that I have the responsibility with my colleague and fellow Magician Robert Round, of dealing with all applications to join The Magic Circle, whether as an Apprentice or Full members, conducting their interviews, arranging their examinations and facilitating their journey to join our prestigious organisation.

This is in addition to performing Close Up Magic at The Magic Circle Christmas Show, hosting The Magic Circle Close Up Show, assisting in the running of its Educational and family days, as well as being involved in the History and Mystery Days, as well as giving talks to outside organisations.

I also host tours of The Magic Circle Museum, at many of the public events, and whilst the whole building is a wonder of magic memorabilia, posters and history, our museum is situated in the basement of our building contains even more treasures. It is often known as the House of 10,000 secrets, and it was this which gave me the idea of writing some small articles on here about some of the exhibits which you may well see on display, and also associated stories, introducing you to some of the people and characters, you would hear about should you visit our lovely headquarters in central London, which is not generally open to the public.

These also form the basis of some of the talks I give to outside organisations, giving an insight to the History of Magic and also of The Magic Circle, and will be the subject of future articles

1. Kev Museum Tour

(Museum Tour Photo – Courtesy of Michael Vincent Photography)