Close Up Magic

Kevin can entertain your guests with unbelievable skill and dexterity as large coins pass through glass into a sealed bottle, and even pass straight through clients' heads, selected signed cards vanish, only to immediately reappear in the most impossible locations! , money is produced from flaming paper, minds are read, and the most amazing predictions are found to be true, making the 'impossible a reality'. Kevin has performed at hundreds of events including Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, garden parties, product and venue launches throughout the UK.

Close Up Magic at the Table

In between the courses of your meal, Kevin can continue to entertain your guests at their table, delivered with his friendly and light hearted approach, the magic happens 'before the very eyes' of your guests, often in their own hands, where the impossible becomes reality, leaving your guests astounded and amazed.

Mix and Mingle

Kevin can mingle amongst your guests, performing amazing sleight of hand for individuals or small groups of people, which is perfectly suited for your drinks reception, garden parties, business or product launch. It is also a wonderful ice breaker, where Kevin's magic gives your guests or clients, who may never have met, a common talking point generating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Cabaret Magic

Not only is Kevin an accomplished Close Up magician, his hilarious Cabaret act regularly enraptures and amuses crowds wherever he appears. A merely 'thought of' card, selected by a member of the audience, is discovered reversed in a deck of cards which itself magically appears from thin air, items seem to vanish and reappear at will, a shooting routine with an unbelievable conclusion, the sound system vanishes, and the incredible production of a full size Bowling ball, are just some of the effects Kevin performs in his own relaxed, light hearted but professional manner, and brilliantly combines superb magic with very funny material and visual gags with abundant self-effacing charm, which is the perfect choice for your after dinner cabaret.

Whether you decide on the 20, 30 or 40 minute performance, you can rest assured that Kevin's Cabaret will add that special something to your event.

Talks to Groups and Societies

As a complete and refreshing change of style from your usual speaker, Kevin also gives fascinating talks to groups, clubs and societies on the subject of Magic, its history, joining the Magic Circle and covers many of the questions which Kevin is asked whilst performing. The talks include anecdotes and Kevin performing his unique style of magic.

Make your special event even more memorable: contact Kevin to find out availability and make a booking.

wedding brochure download

You can download the General Magic Brochure here

wedding brochure download

You can download the wedding magic brochure here

Wedding Magic

If you would like to find out more about hiring Kevin Bird to perform at your wedding, please visit the wedding magic page.