Below is a selection of the questions Kevin is most frequently asked. Please do not hesitate to contact him personally if you do not find the answer to your question here or to discuss your needs in more detail.

How long will you need to be at my event for?

If Kevin is performing Close Up magic at a drinks reception or a party, then he can interact with roughly 40 – 50 people an hour, so it really depends how many guests you are expecting. If performing magic at tables during a meal, it's a little harder to say exactly as Kevin tries to perform at each table in between the courses of the meal to ensure that your guest's can enjoy the magic without having to eat at the same time. In most situations 10 tables will take him roughly 2 hours.

How much do you charge?

Kevin offers an excellent bespoke service designed in conjunction with you for the specific requirements of your event. The price Kevin quotes will depend on several factors, such as the number of guests you have and how long you will need him to be at your event for. Please go to the contact page for an immediate quote for your event.

How much notice do I need to give to book you?

Events such as weddings and large functions are often booked 18 months to two years in advance so the more notice you can give Kevin the better. However other events are booked on a smaller time frame, often at the last minute. Please email to check Kevin's availability, or to enquire about a booking

How do I know how good you are?

Kevin is one of a small band of elite Magicians, worldwide, who have been awarded the honour of 'Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle', by the world's most famous magic organisation. He has spent the last 20 years performing on a regular basis and his enthusiasm is reflected in his performances. He is also privileged to be a full member of the performing arts organization 'Equity'. Both The Magic Circle and Equity are fully accredited organisations with strict and specific standards for those who are accepted for membership. The testimonial page of this website will show how previous clients have been delighted with his contribution at their events.

Are you insured?

Yes, Kevin has Full Public Liability Insurance for £10,000,000, through the performers union 'Equity'.

What happens should you fall ill or for some reason are suddenly unable to perform at my event?

In the highly unlikely event that Kevin is forced to cancel, Kevin will arrange for one of his professional magician colleagues, with whom he regularly works, to perform at your event in his place.

Is your price negotiable?

With magicians you very much get what you pay for, if you shop around you will receive quotes ranging immensely. Ideally, you will want to employ a magician that will entertain your guests in a professional and enjoyable manner, and one whom you choose for a repeat booking or would happily recommend to your friends. Kevin's prices offer very good value indeed for a full time professional magician, and therefore are not negotiable.

What is your client area?

Kevin is based in Essex, but regularly performs all over London and the South of England, including Hertfordshire, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Bedfordshire, but often works further afield in the UK and Abroad. Please contact Kevin via the contact page for any more information.

I am organising a charity event, could you offer a free performance?

Kevin's policy regarding charity events, is that he charges the going rate for the entertainment he provides, however he is prepared to make a donation of some or all of his fee back to the charity, dependant on certain conditions - such as the cause of the charity concerned, the amount of time he is required for, the distance he has to travel, the number of similar events that he has been asked to do, and also, what other suppliers associated with the event are offering a discounted rate.

Kevin is already committed to perform at least 12 Charity events throughout the year, at no charge, as well as many others who approach him directly throughout the year

Are there any circumstances which can reduce the effectiveness of Kevin's Magic?

When Kevin is performing 'Mix and Mingle' magic either entertaining individuals or small groups of guests, or when he is performing close up magic at the table, it is important that in order to fully enjoy Kevin's magic your guests need to hear what Kevin is saying and also be able to see what he is performing.

Therefore, if the background noise is increased such as would happen if a band, singer or DJ were performing at the same time as Kevin, or if the lighting is reduced, as often happens during an evening function, this can have an adverse effect of the ability of your guests to enjoy the wonderful magic that Kevin performs. An analogy would be the effect these things would have on people's ability to enjoy the Best Mans speech at Wedding.

Does Kevin entertain Children?

Kevin is not a specific Children's Entertainer, however, all of Kevin's magic is family friendly, and therefore can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever the event. Kevin's relaxed and friendly style allows him to involve the younger ones in his performance, and they are often made to feel that they are the star.

Make your special event even more memorable: contact Kevin to find out availability and make a booking.

Kevin offers the following Magic Services: Close up Magic, Close-up Magic at the Table, Mix and Mingle, Wedding Magic and Cabaret Magic.