The Close Up Show at The Magic Circle – 22 / 23 March 2018 dedicated to Fergus Anchorn MMC

One of the advantages of being a professional magician, is that I get the chance to work with some of my true friends in Magic, and as the regular Host of The Magic Circle Close Up Show, something I’ve been doing for about 2 years now,¬† I get to do this on a regular basis. Below is yours truly with regular performers Robert Pound, Lewis Starnes, Chris Wood ( who came up with the idea of the show)

CUATMC - 23.03.2018

This Friday night show (see is always sold out, and due to popular demand, we have now started to put on a second show each month on a Thursday night, which is becoming increasingly popular as the original Friday night show. We cap the audience at 100 people, but this thursday the audience was up to 77, so we were nearly at capacity for both shows.

The evening consists of four first class magicians rotating round four close up tables, performing for 20 minutes at each table, and there is a chance for the audience to explore the building and visit the museum prior to the start of the show, and also during the interval

Whilst these evenings are great fun not only for the audience but also for the performers we were, this week saddened to hear of the passing of the oldest member of The Magic Circle Fergus Anchorn aged 99 years young.

Fergus Comp - MHJ

(Photo Courtesy of Mark Hesketh Jennings)

Fergus was an icon of a man with a well publicised  story of his time in a Japanese POW camp and how he used his magic to gain food and favours for his fellow prisoners

I will write more about Fergus later, however, the performers wanted to dedicate this weeks Close Up Show to our friend Fergus Anchorn

TMC In Memory of Fergus - 13.03.2018


Fergus Anchorn, a true Gentleman in every sense of the word, Sleep well my friend